In Outplanr there are 3 types of team members, depending on the level of access the Manager wished to give to each person in the Company: Administrator, Manager and Standard.

In this comparison table we show the main differences between each Guest permission level:  

  Admin Manager Standard

Standard added to a Team

Create an Account Yes No No No
See Billing Details Yes No No No
Create Projects and Groups Yes Yes No No
See Projects Yes Yes Yes

Only Projects added to the Team

See Private Projects Yes Yes Only if has tasks assigned in them

Only the Private Projects added to the Team, and if has tasks assigned in them

Add New Users and Teams Yes Yes No No
See Other Users Yes Yes Only sees Active Users

Only sees Active Users in the Team or that share the same projects

Send Tasks to Other Users Yes Yes Yes

Yes, but only in shared Projects

The most restrictive access - the "Standard" person added to a Team, is ideal to add external guests with whom you wish to share only details of specific Projects, such as Freelancers, clients, etc.

A "Manager" can also add “dummy” guests and assign them tasks, to plan work ahead. Those not-active people won’t be visible to “Standard” team members, only to "Managers" and "Administrators".

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