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Personal Tasks

A separate task list on the side for your personal tasks, and for your eyes only.


Divide up a large task into easily digestible chunks to better track your progress.

Task Broadcasting

What are you working on, right now? Start any task and time-tracking kicks in. At the same time it also starts broadcasting what you're working on, so no more guessing from teammates.

Floating Start Dates

You can set tentative start dates, and if you don't start them, they'll rollover into the next day.

Time Tracking Widget

Start a task and you'll instantly see our time tracking widget. Start, pause, start another task and check how much time you took.

Urgent and Low Priority Tasks

A new task came in and you need someone in your team to drop everything and work on it? Mark it as urgent and they’ll get an immediate alert.

Task planned duration

Tasks can be planned in 30 minute slots to match the popular Pomodoro technique. Add smaller tasks in the subtask section, and get a timestamp when each one is checked off.

Email Notifications

Our daily email digest hits your inbox everyday at 7AM. Urgent task requests are sent immediately. These notifications can be unsubscribed and re-subscribed anytime.


Work with confidence. Everything you delete will go to the Deleted items page and can be recovered anytime.

Easy file Upload

Choose one or more files and drag and drop. The upload widget keeps track of the progress and checks if the file arrived safely.


Workload Balancing

Keep an eye on everyone’s daily workload. Is someone’s busy meter red? Offload their work to someone else or move it to another day with a simple drag and drop. You can also add new tasks directly in the Plan view.

Shared Events

Set plain and recurring appointments with ease, or assign them to your team mates to create meetings. Their time will be added to the Project total and to each person’s daily workload.

International Support

Set different time zones for each user. You can also set different start days for the week.

Powerful Filters

Filter by project or person and you’ll be able to focus on managing one bit at a time.

Task Logging

Browse past days and you'll see all the tasks that were completed and their times.

Collapsible Days

The accordion-like calendar focuses on the work week, but you can always set things on weekends by expanding the days with one click.


Realtime Task Tracking

Select anyone's task to track and you'll be notified when they start, pause and finish it. You can also add followers to a task so they get its notifications and updates.

Automatic Timesheets

Start a task and it will log your time automatically, generating an automatic timesheet.


Private Projects

Make projects private and only Administrators and Managers will be able to see what's in them.

Project Reports

Quickly check your Project progress and get each team member’s time spent in the Project.


Split your project in phases with Sections. You can select which section is default (so all tasks will move straight to it) .

Actual versus Estimates

Project completion times are automatically adjusted according to the tasks and events you add to it, and you can then check everybody’s total times recorded against your estimates.

Quickly Add Tasks from a List

Copy a Task list from an excel, for example, and paste it into the Project new task input. It will create new tasks in that Project, right into the default section.

Drag and Drop to Order

Order your tasks and events with Drag and Drop. The tasks will be shown in the User’s work and Plan screens in this order.

Archive Projects

Project completed or temporarily on hold? Just archive it and it will be gone from view. Need to refetch it later? Just unarchive it and continue work.

Unassigned Tasks

Plan your projects ahead and leave tasks to assign later. Unassigned tasks can also be started by anyone on your team.


Teams and Outside Guests

Create a Team to restrict the Projects they’ll have access to. This is great to bring in people from outside the company to collaborate on specific projects.

Easy Permissions

You’re either a Standard User, a Manager or a Admin. Managers can edit everything others do, invite new users and create Projects. They also can see private projects. Admins are managers who handle billing as well.


One Click Branding

Upload your company logo, set your color and the whole interface changes at once.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Remain productive on the go with our special mobile and tablet friendly version.

Powerful Search

Global search finds in seconds everything you need and lets you execute actions on the spot.

Native Apps

Install our native iOS, Android and MacOS and Windows Desktop apps for a more integrated experience.

Integration with Slack

Get your Outplanr activity feed directly into Slack, and create new Tasks from Slack directly into Outplanr.

Integration with Asana

Connect your Asana projects and users to Outplanr and see how busy your Team is in real time, add start dates to your tasks and track their time. Sync to get task completion updates from Asana into Outplanr and back.

More features coming soon...

We’ve still more exciting features in the pipeline. Something’s missing? Let us know!

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