Task edit time was simplified and made more accurate. Now, instead of editing only total times, you can change each Start and Pause times, to match your real-world interaction with the task. 

For example, this is how your log looks like now:

Each action "Started", "Paused" and "Continued" can have its time stamp edited. You'll be editing the time when that action started, (at 9AM) not the task duration recorded. The duration will be automatically calculated for you, when you change each time stamp.

For exemple, here we changed the "Paused" time, and it automatically changed its recoded time total for that period from 1 minute to 28 minutes:

When you complete the task, you can edit its total time (not its timestamp): 

Editing the total time will not affect any individual recordings between each Play and Pause actions.

If you edited the Total Time, and want to undo it, you can use "Reset" to replace this edited total time with its real recorded time.

NOTE: Be very careful when editing each time stamp, because it can affect how your task is shown in the Plan view.