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New Features and Updates

Now, in the Project Report Section, you can get a list of the project tasks and easily export a PDF document with a summary of the project tasks as a reference for your clients. 

All you need to do is choose which project section you want to include, select a timeframe and click the button "Export PDF". 

In the PDF, you will be able to see the total of hours each team member spent on the project (tasks and events), during the timeframe you selected. The document will not show the name of each person but only their role, making it more suitable to present to the client. 

Then, you will get a list of tasks and events completed, according to the section and timeframe you selected with:

- the name of the task or event

- the role of the team member who worked on the task or attended the event

- the start date

- the end date

- the total of hours to complete the task or the event